Jared and Mary's Excellent Adventure

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Life after the wedding

"So how's married life treatin' ya?" "I dunno, I'll let you know..." Life is very similar to life before the wedding, minus all the planning, but this will all change in December when Mary goes down to Florida for good....until we move again.

Here are some of the things we have been doing or are working on lately:
Jared graduated top of his class for the second phase of training! He has started the third phase and is studying like mad. The dog he is watching for a friend ate all his pencils this weekend, a slight setback.
Mary takes the Praxis exam November 19th. This will allow her to earn a license to teach. She is also observing and helping at Union County High School (Indiana) for the next two weeks.

And the Browns, Northwestern and Miami all won this weekend! Amazing.....Despite what Jared might think, the Patriots aren't that great....

Since it may be a while.....

before Jared and I can live in either Ohio or Connecticut, I've (Mary) decided to make a blog for our families and friends. This way you can keep up with our daily lives, see where we're living (so you can come visit us!) and be entertained at work!