Jared and Mary's Excellent Adventure

Monday, November 07, 2005

Mary...what's a blog?

In case you haven't associated the title with this entry I'll repost my question. Mary, what exactly is a blog? And why does Jared have to write in the third person. Jared finds this odd and unnatural. Jared is remined of how Marine recruits must refer to themselves in the third person to break down individualistic thinking. Jared has decided a blog isn't a bad idea and that perhaps he too should contribute to this endevear. Jared isn't sure if he spelled endeveor correctly. Jared is now telling me not to type everything he thinks. But he digresses. Jared had a good Monday. He passes his first exam and spent the rest of the day studing and thinking of Mary. He also bought carpet cleaner to remove the newest pet stains in the carpet. Jared was glad to be getting things done. Jared cannot speak for Mary entireley but is pretty sure she would like to hear your comments on how impressive Jared's housekeeping skills are. Jared has to get back to studying seeing as he has another exam tomorrow.


My two weeks in Indiana are off to a good start. I am actually with English teachers this time! (Had mostly math teachers for some reason last time.) And we don't have to leave until 7:25am, which is MUCH better than 6:25am.

Part of the reason I am going into teaching is because I enjoy kids and the amusing way they think. Today was no exception. Here's a sample (meant in no way to be mean):

The students have to make mandalas, which are American adaptations of the Indian artform. These are circles filled with symbols to represent the person. Some students make them look like ying-yangs, one side good, one side bad. When talking about mandalas today, several of the boys started thinking aloud about them, all talking at the same time.
"That sounds funny to say."
"I thought it was Mandela."
"That's somebody's name" (the teacher said).
"What's his first name?"
"Jimmy. Jimmy Mandela" (said in all seriousness).
"What's his name?" (to me this time).
"Nelson...Nelson...." turning back to face the front of the room, thinking about this.