Jared and Mary's Excellent Adventure

Friday, November 11, 2005

A little something called lockdown...

It is never a good sign for your Air Force navigator pilot-in-training to say "I'm more worried about you than you are of me!" Of course, what other response could there be when the school you are observing in for two weeks recieves a bomb threat?

Today my carpool group came down to the classroom I am in to find me. I was happily grading quizzes, chatting with the student aide and listening to Mozart as the teacher worked on lesson plans. My group mates, two guys and a girl, all looked worried.
"Get your things, we have to leave now."
"Has something happened?" I asked.
"Just get your things, we'll explain later."

Confused, I went back into the room. I gave the rest of the quizzes to Ciara, the student, and apologetically left. At that point, I don't think my cooperating teacher knew about the threat, or if she did, she kept it to herself. As we walked to get the last student of our group and then to the car, they explained a bomb threat had been found in the boys bathroom. According to a memo given to teachers, the threat had been found last night and claimed a bomb would go off today at 3:15. Local police, county sheriffs and other officials made a sweep of the school. The lockdown was used because special investigators from Cincinnati were coming with bomb sniffing dogs this morning.

Now, this is probably all an empty threat, but still very odd. I am realzing more and more how sheltered my childhood and adolescence were, how safe and carefree. And I expected the same from this community. Union County High School is set in a rural, mainly farming community of several small towns in Union County Indiana, which borders Ohio. I would imagine, as I told my carpool group, that whoever this was who made the threat was trying to make a statement, not necessarily to hurt people. If the bomb is real...What this statement could be, I don't know.

As I write this, I remember a comment made yesterday by one of the students in the first period class. The students were trying to pick speech topics for persuasive speeches. Many of the boys hunt and wanted to talk about gun control. I mentioned that I had heard of some Ohio schools (in rural areas) where students learned about proper gun use and care, like learning how to drive a car. They thought this was 'cool' and that if their school had such a class, 'the Goths would probably shoot us all up.' Do I tell someone about this? I don't even know...