Jared and Mary's Excellent Adventure

Monday, November 14, 2005

Overreacting or proper precautions?

So I learned over the weekend and again this morning at Union County High School that the bomb threat was just a hoax, which was expected. In total, three sweeps of the school were conducted by authorities and a lock down was issued by the administration. Were all three sweeps needed...and a lock down? I suspect yes, just to be sure.

A dear friend who works in Chicago told me that she thinks schools aren't what they used to be, that kids aren't like they used to be. I disagree...We were just too sheltered I think. After all, as my Gastel cousins know, our grandfather would rig the front door bell to shock his sister's would-be suitors, there are always creative troublemakers. Not that Grandpa would have threatened a bomb...