Jared and Mary's Excellent Adventure

Monday, November 28, 2005

Mary's brain is still in Florida....

This blog is increasinly becoming the Mary blog...Hopefully this will change in a few weeks when Jared and Mary are together in the Sunshine State. Until Mary will keep it going. At the prodding of her favorite Chicago soon-to-be teacher, Katie Reardon, the blog is finally getting updated.

Mary left Oxford on Wed., Nov. 23rd at 3:18am to make a 6am flight. Why so early? Cause the Cincinnati Airport is in Kentucky. Good thing the Union won the Civil War, otherwise she'd have to cross the border...Anyhow, the flights were all on time and thanks to neighbor Melanie White, her daughter and friend Babs, Mary arrived at the house safe, sound, and sleepy. She proceeded to make silly mistakes all day long, but what can you expect?

Much to Mary's amazement Jared helped make kolachky, their contribution to the neighborhood pot-luck Thanksgiving. She doesn't think she's ever seen a man make kolachky before and he did a pretty good job,while taking breaks to watch the Macy's parade...Dinner, hosted by the Whites, was delicious and fun. Lots of catching up, poker, and football. Mary even played catch with the pigskin while in heels, thank you very much. Photos hopefully coming soon from friends.

The next day was sunny and fairly warm, so Jared, Mary, and Belle went camping that afternoon and overnight at the nearby campgrounds. There are a couple on base with nice views of the bay and lighthouse. Most of the grounds were for RVs (many from Louisiana). It only took two tries to get the tent up...Dinner was cooked on a little portable grill and occasional random bloody piece of meat would fall at Belle's paws like manna from heaven. Despite the upscale dinner for the dog, she didn't seem to like sleeping much in a tent (we shoulda brought her dog bed).

Saturday, after much washing up and eating real food for everybody, Mary Jared and Belle got haircuts. The dog's was actually the most expensive, but she seems to like it...perhaps because she actually see where she's going now. Mary must have lost half a foot (pictures coming). Jared..well, same military cut as always. To celebrate their newly groomed selves, Jared and Mary went to Granny Cantrell's Southern Cooking Restaurant where many of the vegetables remained a mystery to them both. What exactly is okra? Greens?

Sunday, that dreaded day of packing up and leaving, was spent decorating for Christmas and laundry, mostly. Belle escaped during a little cooking experiment (not Mary's this time, but Jared making lunch), ran out the open front door. Luckily she stopped to sniff the shoes of a neighbor down the street and Mary dragged her back home...A little while later, Mary was at the Pensacola airport where she discovered she could follow the people in orange and brown to her gate: both for the Browns and Bengals. There was also the random Ohio State hat and sweatshirt...You know you're from Ohio when....

Now Mary is back in Oxford, trying vainly to concentrate on work. She suspects she has the worst case of senioritis ever, though friends also about to graduate say otherwise. Jared is currently (10pm EST) sitting duty at the squadron. Another 12 hour shift. He is there to protect VT86 from terrorists, spies, and the occasional Palmetto bug. Very exciting. Try to stay awake!