Jared and Mary's Excellent Adventure

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Florida Eve

Tonight is my last night in beautiful Oxford, Ohio. Snow covers the campus like a blanket tucked up against the red brick buildings. From my dorm room window I can see the main American flag on campus, flood lights shine up to it and the smaller Ohio flag below; the chilly wind makes those red and white stripes strech out gently. For years I slept under one version of the American flag or another. I guess this semester a real flag kept watch.

I stopped by my advisor/professor's office this afternoon to pick up one of two final papers. Dr. Romano took me on as an independent study this fall for a class that is normally taught in the spring. "Mary Gurry Burns!" he announced. He is one of the reasons I was convinced to come back to Miami and mentioned that it was a good thing that I returned. I definitely agreed. For this period in my life, I think Miami has been the best place for me. Through all the ups and downs, it has been a growing experience. I've learned a lot about myself and my studies. Sappy for you all, too much sister sunshine perhaps, but it's the truth. During my time here, a professor has passed away, along with a couple close relatives. I have written more in four semesters than I did in four years at Northwestern as an English major. I got engaged, left the country, came back, got married and am moving South. It's been a wild ride. Romano wanted to know if I'll walk in May, when I graduate. I had told a friend just a day or so before that I wouldn't, but now I think I'll try to. We'll see. Miami has been called the Harvard of Ohio, I'm glad to be part of its ranks. Me and Senator DeWine, Donna Shalala, President Harrison, my cousin Katie, Neil Reardon and so many others.

But I am also glad to be moving on to the next phase: actually living with the husband. I can hardly believe it, frankly! Hopefully we won't drive each other too crazy...well, ok I'll be honest, hopefully I won't drive Jared too crazy. So soon and very soon I will be at home making lesson plans or attempting dinner while Jared flies around the literary South...You are all welcome to visit us too!

I should be studying for my last final, linguistics and the history of English. Unfortunately, I have lost all interest in studying. I'm sure this will change tomorrow morning around 7:30 when I take the exam...Instead I'm writing this and packing. And organizing a little trick on my poor parents who are driving down at the moment. All through my years a Northwestern I had this terrible habit of taking home huge amounts of stuff at the end of the year. I even held onto boxes and containers for friends! Oh how my parents cursed me. So now they don't believe me when I tell them I just have a few bags to put in the trunk of Ruby the Kia. I've decided to fill up the room so it looks like there are several boxes and bags, things I'll borrow from the dorm. haha. I'm really about 5 years old mentally.

Here is a bad photo of my dorm and the bell; I was just getting too cold...