Jared and Mary's Excellent Adventure

Monday, December 26, 2005

The First Noel

So this is our first actual co-located blog. There are a million things to write about but in the interest of time and space we'll try to keep it brief. (hmMary cringes when I use words like "brief" and "space" and "the") SO, now that I've "secured" the "perimeter" to the key "interface" I'll continue. UGH military talk. Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! We're actually living together! Amazing. Happy Hanukkah to Lerone, Kate, Seth, and all others celebrating it! Way too many !s but it's exciting to type with Jared. hahah. Ok photos. The 1st pic is Mary's wonderful peanut butter cookies. Her family has never been a fan of them so she was finally able to make as many as she wanted. They were good too. The 2nd pic is the notorious Budapest 1000 piece puzzle. A Christmas puzzle may become a tradition...we'll see. The 3rd pic is our collection of Christmas cards on the "mantle". It was very pretty but they all fell down everytime we went up and down the stairs. Mary tells me to mention her parents visiting. Done. The 4th pic.....No, it was nice to play host to my folks and Jared was a good sport despite having a horrible schedule last week. Thank you for driving a total of 19 hours! So, the 4th pic is the dog sunbathing in our backyard, it was about 55 degrees today and sunny. I hated it. The dog, Belle, is now in a kennel with chickens and other dogs whose owners don't want to pay $100 to take them on a flight. The very last pic is our beautiful $9.97 Christmas tree thanks to the Navy Commisary). I picked it out, but Mary decorated most of it. It is a good tree. Not bad for our first Christmas eh? We're off to Connecticut in a few hours where we'll spend some quality time with the Burns clan. Till then, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! (Happy New Year too)