Jared and Mary's Excellent Adventure

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Sunshine and sadness

Our worst nightmares came to be this week here in Pensacola. As some of you know, a plane was lost this week from Jared's squadron. A training jet, the very same that Jared and our friends fly regularly, crashed in Northern Georgia on a routine training mission. They were below radar, which is part of the training program. All four on board died, leaving behind spouses, children and babies on the way. I can't begin to explain the fear, confusion, relief that it wasn't Jared (which it could have been, had the schedule been different), grief, sadness, sick to your stomach feeling which I and many others have been feeling this week. I try to not think too much when Jared flies, but it is going to be hard to do in the future. As I write this, I'm trying to not get upset. I didn't even know the guys, but I can only imagine what the wives are going through; I've had nightmares about it. Please keep these families and all military members in your thoughts. A collection is being made for the men's children. When I have more information I will pass it along, if any of you are interested.


On a lighter note, today is baby shower day! Most of the women I know down here in P'cola are pregnant or have small children of their own. Two of our good friends, Colleen and Sol, are due soon and we're throwing a shower for them. Friends, cake, presents, wine...ingredients for a good time, which we all need right now. And I just learned that Jared's sister Nicole is going to be induced on Monday! These babies are my sunshine and they haven't even arrived....