Jared and Mary's Excellent Adventure

Thursday, February 09, 2006

We can be hermits no longer...

Poor Jared has 12 hour duty tonight at the squadron (5pm to 5am tomorrow, just sitting at the duty desk. SO boring) so I thought I'd update the blog. With no one to talk to but Belle and my plants, I have plenty to say online. Jared and I have let our truly busy schedules detract from our blog, so no one knows what's up with us. Here's a brief synopsis:

I have nearly finished my 6th week of my 10 week student teaching internship at Warrington Middle School, just off the base. It looks calm and pleasant (which it is sometimes) though more often than not it is a bit chaotic and wild. Fights, rude remarks, loud voices, and unmotivated students dominant the classes. I didn't realize it when I helped to set up the internship, but this is a D-ranked school, according to the state. Had I realized that I might not have gone to Warrington, but in a way, I'm glad I have. I am learning more now than I would have elsewhere, 'real' teaching I guess. We'll see what I think at the end of the ten weeks.... Meanwhile, I am aiming to convince the students I am actually American (they think I'm possibly German. "You American?" is a common question), get the students to actually read something, and not get in the middle of an all-out brawl. I've been told that if I get called the b word, then I've made it with these kids. I've done my job in disciplining and giving them structure.

And Jared has been both swamped with flights and now has had a few days of down time. Except twelve hour duty, of course. Recently Jared was selected to be on B1bombers.

Here are a few photos of that lovely bird. With this plane, we will be base out of Texas (Dyess AFB) and South Dakota (Ellsworth AFB). We don't know when we'll be moving, but perhaps in the spring. Jared should be getting his wings this month or next and then we're done with NAS Pensacola!

Lately, Jared and I haven't done too much except grade papers and make lesson plans (me) and study and make charts (Jared). We did host a Super Bowl party, for which we bought an area rug, clock, and kitchen rug. Moving the furniture and adding these new things made the house really seem more of a home. And less black (many of Jared's things are black and blue). We ended up with nine pizzas for six adults, but that's another story.

This weekend looks like it will be full with a birthday party for the neighbor's baby (Cerys turns 1!) and a trip to Panama City. Our friend Lerone's dad is on a business trip to Panama City and wants to get together. Sarah and Bill are also in Florida this weekend and maybe we'll find a way to see them too....As for the rest of you, start planning to come to Texas!