Jared and Mary's Excellent Adventure

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Missing my snow

It is a Saturday morning in Pensacola. The rain is coming sometime today, dunno when, but until then it is about 60 and overcast. The chirping of the birds is the only sound I hear, now that the loudspeakers that blast the national anthem are done. Yes, around 8am on Saturdays we hear the national anthem and at sunset, there is a bugle call to give us the five minute warning. Life on a base. No jets flying, I suppose because of the cloudy skies.

It is a pleasant, relaxing day, but you know what I would rather be doing? I would love to be trekking around the South Chagrin Metroparks Reservation off of Rt. 91 in this:

Now all you back home in Cleveland and friends in Chicago and elsewhere may think I'm crazy, but I love the stuff. I'll trade Pensacola's white beaches and warm breezes for some snow any day. It's snowing all weekend in Solon and I'm missing out. I think Jared would agree, if he were awake (he is completely conked out. Promises of making me breakfast are looking slim).

We got together with Jason Levi, an Academy grad and fellow Wizzo who will be on the B1s with Jared. (Wizzo-weapons system officer, Air Force speak). It looks like Jared and I will be toting the dog and all our stuff to Abilene, Texas late this summer or fallish...Hard to say. We'll be there for about a year and then either will stay there or be moved to Rapid City, SD. I've been looking at houses in Abilene and Rapid City and I gotta say, I'm starting to pull for South Dakota. We could get acres of land that will be covered in snow for months!! And no huge, flying roaches, as the South affectionately calls Palmetto bugs. Or fire ants. Or flesh eating mosquitoes. The bugs are getting to me. But you all should come visit! haha.

Alright. I'm hungry and Jared's the cook (as my family knew would happen) so I'm getting him up. Perhaps more on snow later.....