Jared and Mary's Excellent Adventure

Sunday, March 12, 2006

What, we don't have to be anywhere Monday?

No search for a teaching outfit tomorrow morning?
No late night flight planning? No 9pm bedtime?
A MOVIE on a school night???

It is hard to believe, but for the first time in a long time, Jared and I have some time off together. Jared had his last flight on Monday the 6th and I finished my student teaching on Friday the 10th. Here are some photos of Jared's final flight at NAS with our friend (who is also going B1s), Tara Hart. They stand together after getting drenched in champaign.

And here are some photos of my last day at Warrington, which happened to also be field day. My cooperating teacher, Mrs. Hieb, stands with me and Officer Dees outside the school. We were quickly surrounded by students. I was able to walk around the basketball court and fields to get a few photos of the students, who all loved to pose for me. Many of them had signed the blue artwork I am standing next to; I was so surprised and touched. I was also very moved by the afghan Mrs. Hieb made for me as a present. Perfect size and colors. What's better than homemade gifts?
Next installment, the latest changes at the Burns' house....