Jared and Mary's Excellent Adventure

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Yes we are alive

My friend Jerry asked that in the subject heading of an email to me recently. And who can blame him? My emails and this blog have fallen into neglect, but this is all about to change. A little electronic spring cleaning you might say.

So what is the latest around our house? Lots of traveling. After our trip to New England, which was great, we returned for a whirlwind April and May. I traveled to Indiana the following weekend for the American Hungarian Educators Association conferenece in Bloomington. My parents met me there and we attended all the lectures (topics included the uprising in 1956 against the Soviets, cannibalism in the Gulag, the Hungarian diaspora around Hungary's borders). I presented my research about Romani (gypsy) kids and education. I met lots of folks and made important contacts. I may just make a future in Hungarian/education research. Who knows.

Then I returned for a few days to Florida. Just three days, enough time to say hello to the neighbors, do my laundry and pack, because I returned to the Midwest. I went to Ohio for the weekend to see my grandmothers and to graduate from Miami. I got to see a few friends in the process too, which is always good. Katie, I got to the stadium right on time, it was great seeing you! Thank you Becky for letting me drop by at midnight! Here I am right after graduation; Peggy Noonan gave the commencement speech. When Jared goes to Washington State for training, I will be in Ireland! I can hardly believe it myself. My parents were going to Ireland and the UK on their own but then wanted to make it a family trip. Jared was invited too but he can't make it because of the training. So we Gurry girls are going for about ten days. With all this traveling my poor boss at Sylvan learning center is a bit confused~

Here is a photo of one the places we will be, the ancestral homeland for many Clevelanders, Achill Island. This is where my great-grandma was born and raised: