Jared and Mary's Excellent Adventure

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Do YOU know where your fuel pump is?

I do! Now that Jared (with the essential help of Tommy White) has taken apart, replaced, and put the Camaro back together. It kept acting up, including not completely starting. Luckily it died in the parking space on base. We managed to get it to the mechanic's, but they told us it would cost $1000.00 to fix it.

That's right, $1000.00. The car's only worth $6000.00 or according to Kelly's Blue Book.

So with the blessing of Jared's uncle Paul (a mechanic in CT), Jared did the repair himself. Three days at the base auto hobby shop (meaning a nearly free mechanic's for the base, $3 per day for bay and tools) and the car is as good as new. Mostly....the gas gauge reads empty, but that's ok! We know how much is in the tank...or at least Jared does. And I learned a thing or two about car repair.
1. Do not get hair caught under creeper. It really hurts when you move forward and your scalp doesn't.
2. Kicking braces and mufflers and other parts is acceptible car repair technique.
3. My Ohio accent is strong yet. A mechanic who works at the hobby shop picked it out right away. "You from Ohio?" "Yeah..." "You sound just like my cousin from Akron."
4. I now know how to use the impact wrench to remove lug nuts. Zssht zshht.