Jared and Mary's Excellent Adventure

Sunday, September 24, 2006

More photos of our house

Our back yard.

This is our back porch and part of our yard.
This is the view to our front door, living room and now library (their dining room).

This is the kitchen. Mary is checking out the cabinent while our realtor Joe walks us through the area.

And this is the rest of the kitchen.

Lastly, our newly painted bedroom, which used to be yellow.

Don't ya wanna come visit now?

This is the house that Jared and Mary found...

Finally, we are able to post photos of our house. These were taken while the previous owners were still here, but you get the general idea. The curtains and blinds are the same and we have painted the master bedroom a hunter green. We hope you all come and see our place in person. Consider this an open invitation...

The view down our street, Willow Ridge Road; nearly every house is military owned. Then you have a couple of photos of the front of the house. And last you have the living room.