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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lots of firsts!

This particular blog is dedicated to all of Anna's first that have happened recently. The first first is Anna's newly discovered ability to roll over. She shocked daddy one day after work because when he wasn't looking she rolled from her back to her tummy. Daddy, who was currently unaware that Anna had secretly acquired this ability on her own during intense middle of the night training, was perplexed. He could have sworn he laid her down on her back. Upon being put back on her back, Anna, determined not to go unnoticed, once again performed the horizontal 180 inverted pike that would soon become her signature move. Yet again, daddy was distracted and missed the floor routine. However, when he discovered her on her stomach again, he was sure somebody had moved her! Since the dogs were outside and Mary still at work, he suspected it was the legendary phantom flipper who waits for parents to turn their backs so he can turn their toddlers. This time daddy put Anna on her stomach and watched very closey hoping to catch the phantom flipper in the act. To his astonishment, no less than 10 seconds later, Anna, under her own power threw her legs aside, lifted her chin and arched her back in near perfect form (points were deducted for feet not together)...and in one mighty heave, rolled her body onto her stomach and lay with her arms out, head up as if to say...what's the big deal?
What's the big deal?

In other firsts, Anna has started eating semi-solid foods. She is a very good eater and enjoys her oatmeal and rice with milk. Apples and banannas will be next. Anna is also sitting up by herself for brief moments (about the time it takes for a top heavy object to fall backward once you let go of it). Though, every now and then she stays uprights much like a weeble wobble. She continue to develop a strong grabbing action. Mary has to be careful what earing she now wears. The upside is that Anna can now auto feed. A favorite capability for Jared because it dramatically reduces bottle holding time by 75%. Sippee cups are around the corner. Anna also met her first Isaeli. Jared's high school bff came to visit us last weekend and had a great time in Abilene with the Burns family. We took Anna and Lerone to the squadron and got them thier first close look at the B-1.

We're putting new cover sheets on all our TPS reports. Didn't you get the memo?

What? I can't hear you!....WHAT!?! YOU HAVE TO SPEAK UP!!

Lerone, this one is for you. MMMmmmmm.....Texas!

Brakes - check, fuel - check, flaps - check, cuteness - check, ready for takeoff!

Classic cowboy riding into the sunset. Except in this case a WSO walking to a B-1 at high noon....with a baby. Same thing really.
All these first make us very happy but the best one yet came while Anna was home with Mary. Being of such quick wit and wanting to share the moment, Mom called Dad on his cell phone so he could witness himself. He was very greatfull to have been called at work to experience this real-time, although if it were not for his genious suggestion for Mom to get the camera out, and use it for the very reason it was purchased, this moment may have been lost to our family history. Enjoy!


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