Jared and Mary's Excellent Adventure

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Mary needs a vacation

Two major events have made mama-to-be Mary very tired...

First a dupa rear ended her while she was at a stop light. Sittnig at the red stop light. No where to go. Excellent.

Luckily she was in the Volkswagen and most of the impact was absorbed by the car. The bumper is cracked and will need repairs, upward of $600. Jared is being great and arguing with the dupa about paying. Dupa's insurance has now been involved.

Next, Mary's office building caught on fire Friday afternoon. No flames but plenty of smoke. It was the standing outside for two and a half hours that really did her in. She slept long and hard Friday night, though not much fun for Jared. The building is pretty old for West Texas, about 75-100 years old, and it appears that the fire was electrical. Mary's workmates are going back in this weekend to salvage what they can, Mary's opted out of that adventure, since the fire was in a crawl space under the floor (UW is on the second floor) and the firemen had to destroy part of the floor to get to it. Leaping over holes in old floor boards doesn't sound like a good activity at 35 weeks. Work will continue Monday morning...though she isn't she where. Maybe even back in the building...