Jared and Mary's Excellent Adventure

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Itchy Itchy Itchy

So Mary decided to do a little gardening with Anna this morning, just re-potting two plants. An easy quick job and a chance to get Anna in the fresh air. The first re-potting, a mint plant, went quickly, just moved from a little black seedling pot to a larger plastic pot. The second was a larger plant, an orchid-like plant that Anna got as a gift. It was going to require a lot more dirt, so Mary opened her gardening shed and starting scooping out trowels of potting soil.

On the second or third scoop, Mary noticed something moving to her right. A round black mass was crawling out of the soil, not far from her hand. Ugh! She quickly shut the drawer. "What was that?" she said to Anna who continued to happily suck on her fingers.

Trying to summon the courage to match her curiosity, Mary carefully opened the drawer again. She leaned in to take a closer look. The black mass was still moving to the right, but now Mary could make out the white spots on the back of the black spider, which had the front half of a wasp in its mouth. Mary shivered and yelped, jumping back as she slammed the drawer shut. When she jumped back, her head bumped against the white hanging basket above her. The basket had a white begonia blooming and apparently some sort of Texas bird. It flew out, offended that it had been disturbed. Mary yelped again. This upset another kind of Texas bird that had made a nest in the roof of the porch and buzzed by her head.

"Since when did we become a nature sanctuary?" she asked Anna, who hadn't noticed a thing. Mary rapidly finished her potting and managed to get baby, plants and herself inside without injury from the local wildlife. She's still feeling itchy at the thought of the spider devouring the wasp. Ugh!