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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Anna's First Christmas

Happy holidays to all!


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    By Blogger alana., At Monday, January 05, 2009  

  • Freakin' A-DORABLE!!!

    I thought I was madly in love with her in the first picture, where she's trying to eat the present (don't you wish you could go back to when life was so simple, the wrapping was way awesome-er than the present inside??), but then I saw the last picture of her laughing, and she REALLY stole my heart... :)

    You two did good!

    By Blogger alana., At Monday, January 05, 2009  

  • she is sooo cute. I am long over due for a visit. I would love to come out for a weekend. I'll give you a call and we can look at dates. By the way i love your hair cut -very nice.

    By Blogger sarah, At Monday, January 05, 2009  

  • finally a new post! i've been waiting for more pictures, and she's definitely worth the wait! she's so cute! glad you had a nice holiday!

    By Blogger dodasgirl, At Monday, January 05, 2009  

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